Technology Fast 50 Award 2023

For the fastest-growing tech companies in Germany

The Technology Fast 50 Award is open to German companies only

Build Powerful Connections with Industry Partners and Deloitte

When an outstanding idea meets entrepreneurial spirit, it is often the beginning of a great success story. With this year's 21st Technology Fast 50 Award, Deloitte honors fast-growing tech-companies that impress with breathtaking growth rates. The award is a gateway for entrepreneurs and offers its winners access to cooperations, capital and customers.

So take 15 minutes of your time and apply now!

This is what we are looking for:

Technology company

You have a technology developed in-house that contributes significantly to the company's revenue. This tech is utilized to solve problems. The company owns proprietary intellectual property or proprietary technologies that are sold to customers in the form of products. The use of third-party technologies does not qualify for participation. A significant proportion of earnings is dedicated to technology research and development.

Company maturity

 Your company has existed for at least four years. 


Revenue for the 2019 financial year was at least EUR 50,000 and for the 2022 financial year at least EUR 1,000,000. 

German HQ

Your company is headquartered in Germany (subsidiaries and divisions of operating companies are excluded from participation unless individual shares are held by third parties and the company is traded separately on the stock exchange).

How do I apply?

To facilitate the application process, please have the following documents ready:
(German and English documents are allowed)

Annual Report

A copy of the last four annual reports or equivalent as proof of your growth

CV of the CEO

Biography and photo of the CEO

Company Logo

A high resolution company logo


A brief description of your proprietary technology

What's in for you:

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Build a solid relationship with Deloitte Industry and Functional Domain Partners, opening up the opportunity for a long-term partnership and collaboration across the Deloitte network.


You will receive a "Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award" media kit to integrate on your website and media channels.


Increase the visibility of your own brand while benefiting from the brand reputation of Deloitte and corporates.


Tap into a community of inspiring experts and companies, and build powerful connections to become even more successful in your field.